Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike

Sit in your favorite chair and pedal away inches!


Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial, and low-impact exercise is recommended for seniors and those who want an easy way to improve overall fitness. This Pedal Cycle is a mini version of a popular peddling exercise machine. It takes the same concept of peddling for physical fitness and transfers it to a paired-down seated exercise that anyone can do.

This portable exercise bike in miniature form includes a pedal on both sides, and foot straps that keep your feet secure while they rest on the pedal surface. Since the pedals only have room for the toes, wearing a sturdy pair of athletic shoes, or other shoes, is recommended.

The metal frame includes stability bars that serve as a strong base for your foot weight. A knob located at the top of the base allows you to control the tension. Turn the knob one way for an easy pedal bike session and the other way for one that is more physically challenging. Easy assembly.
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