Padded Underwear

Enhance and lift your bottom.


Are you tired of constantly fidgeting with pants, shorts and skirts that never seem to fit right in the back? Or maybe you’ve never liked the flatness of your rear end. Well, now you can resolve both of these issues in an instant with padded underwear for women. If this is your first time learning about the existence of padded panties, or if you’re looking for higher quality butt-padded underwear, these are everything you’ve been looking for.

Made of a blend of nylon and spandex, our padded underwear is well constructed for durability and is sublimely comfortable to wear all day long. The key to successfully wearing this type of undergarment is all in how the padding looks after you put on your clothes: Underwear with padded inserts should always mimic a women’s natural shape, and these are form fitted to provide a natural look. These machine washable butt-padded underwear are available in a discreet beige color. Choose from sizes small through extra-extra-large.
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