Nonslip Rug Grips Set/2

Keeps rugs in place.


Can you count the number of times you stepped on a rug in your home and felt your feet slipping or tripping? One time is too many because rugs not secured well to the floor can be hazardous. If you want to avoid unexpected slip-and-fall injuries, finding good grips for your rugs is essential.

Rug on carpet grippers offer a fast and easy fix for this common household problem. Nonslip rug grips are made of a special kind of material that has a nonslip texture on both sides. To use simply unroll as much of the grip material as you need to cover the floor space that is underneath the rug. You can use scissors to cut the grip to a desired size. Place the rug over the grips and enjoy a rug that stays put.

Unlike standard rug gripper tape, also known as rug slip tape, these rug grips don’t have an adhesive that can leave behind a sticky residue. This nonstick gripper tape for rugs is safe to use on all types of flooring. It can also help secure doormats. Set of two rolls.
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