No-Show Knee High Compression Socks

Energizing compression socks wont slip down.


These compression no-show socks feature a unique design that makes it possible for you to enjoy the extra leg support without sacrificing personal style. If you’re used to wearing regular knee-high compression styles, or the sporty running socks offering compression, you know they usually come in closed-toe designs. That’s fine when you don’t care if they’re seen or not when you wear them. But there may be days when you want to enjoy a “no socks” look, and that’s when you can grab these as an alternative option.

Due to their quality and comfort, these may be the best no-show compression socks for women. Made from a polyester, nylon and lycra blend, they are durably constructed to ensure they stretch to conform to your legs, while providing plenty of light support. The keyhole leaves a good portion of the foot open, and when you slip on your favorite casual shoes, your feet get lots of breathable air. Banding at the top prevents them from falling. One size fits most.
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