NativeRemedies® TremorSoothe™ Tablets

Take a homeopathic approach to uncontrolled shaking of the muscles.


Take a homeopathic approach to uncontrolled shaking of the muscles with TremorSoothe tablets. Each tablet is comprised of an all-natural combination of homeopathic ingredients known for their effectiveness in calming the nervous system. Instead of heavy chemicals, this formula uses a small amount of each active ingredient, in equal parts, following traditional homeopathic dilution standards. When mixed with non-active ingredients, the resulting tablets are low dosage and safe to take as directed. TremorSoothe tablets are small and easy to digest, and they can be dissolved on the tongue or chewed. They can also be crushed and sprinkled on food, in water or a favorite beverage. Unlike some prescription medications, these tablets are non-addictive, making them ideal for those wishing to avoid prescriptions. This natural remedy can help reduce or eliminate tremors, muscle spasms, shaking or twitching. For best results, combine the use of TremorSoothe tablets with a healthy diet. Relaxation and mild exercise are also helpful techniques in reducing the above symptoms. One bottle contains 180 tablets.
Each tablet contains equal parts of Agaricus musc (6C) (HPUS), Mag phos (8X) (HPUS), Stramonium (6C) (HPUS), Tarentula hisp (6C) (HPUS), Magnesium stearate, Maltodextrin, Sucrose.
Chew or dissolve tablets in the mouth. Alternatively, crush and sprinkle directly on the tongue or mix in warm water or soft food. For all ages: Take 2 tablets 3 times daily until symptoms subside.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Dosage may be repeated every 30 minutes if needed during acute episodes.
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