Microfiber Reversible Sofa Cover by OakRidge™

Give your sofa a new look — 2 looks in 1, actually!


Your sofa is a valuable and essential part of a room’s furnishings, so it makes sense to want to keep it clean and in good condition. But even your best efforts to maintain the condition of the sofa can sometimes get derailed due to the everyday risk of accidental spills that can lead to temporary or permanent stains. There’s also the annoyance of pet hair (if you have a dog or cat at home) and general wear and tear that happens to all sofas. So, what can you do to maintain the good condition of your sofa? Protect it with this fashionable microfiber sofa cover!

It's a breeze to keep your sofa protected around-the-clock with this easy-to-use microfiber cover. Simply decide what side of the diamond quilted cover you what facing upwards and place it over the seating area. The cover is spacious enough to protect bottom and back seat cushions and both arms. Simply flip it over when you want to showcase a darker or lighter color. It’s machine washable for quick and easy upkeep.
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