Magic Grip Hair Pins - Set Of 10

Get more control over those flyaway hairs.


Toss away your bobby pins and use these Magic Grip Hairpins instead. These grip pins are made of durable plastic, and that gives them a leg up over flimsy bobby pins that are too easily bent out of shape. Plus, traditional bobby pins can lose their tips, and the sealant color tends to fade over time. When you use these sturdy plastic pins, they remain functional for countless uses. That’s because they are designed for maximum flexibility, and that’s an essential feature whether you’re having good hair days or bad ones! The way these hairpins grip hair may seem like magic, but their secret is all in how well they are designed.

Remember when you learned how to use hairpins and getting a neat, pinned look meant using lots of bobby pins? You can replace all those old-fashioned pins with these Magic Grip Hairpins for hairstyles that are faster and easier to obtain. These plastic pins are stronger, and they are also attractive, meaning you don’t need to hide them from view. Choose from black, clear and tortoise. Each set includes 10 hairpins.
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