Long-Handled Door Stopper

A door stopper you won't have to bend or stoop to use!


Have you ever wished that you had something of solid weight available when you need to prop open a door? The Long-Handled Door Stopper is the solution you’ve been waiting for, and it’s even better than standard door stoppers. What makes it such a great choice? It’s specially designed to do a fantastic job of propping open any door in your home, without requiring you to bend down and grab it or lift something that’s too heavy for comfort. This stopper has a sleek, modern design that features a weighted cylindrical base and a tall, slender arm that extends far enough upwards to be easily grabbed with either hand.

The T-shaped handle provides you with plenty of leverage for a secure grasp as you lift or move the stopper from one place to another. And at a mere 3.25 pounds, this door stopper is light enough for easy maneuvering. Both the base and handle are covered in durable electroplated metal with rubber accents. Measures 4-1/3" diameter x 26-3/4" high.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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