Long Handle Easy Pick Up Tool

Helps you reach comfortably without bending or straining.


A common problem many people face is figuring out how to safely reach objects that are stored high up on shelves or inside cabinets. Even when there is a stool handy, some objects are too far back on the shelf to be reached easily. Having a reach extender device is a great solution for this dilemma. This long-handled grabber tool is useful for anyone to have on hand, including people with arthritis or other issues that limit mobility in the hands and arms.

What can you do with a reach extender tool? You can use it to grab ahold of bottles, cans and jars on shelves, or pick up clothing and a wide range of other objects. This pick-up and reach tool is especially easy to use because of its ergonomic trigger – simply press the trigger at the base to open the “fingers” and grab items. The grabber head rotates to make it easier to position the tool from various angles.
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