Long Arm Disposable Cleaning Gloves Set of 50

Thick, strong plastic is ideal for hundreds of uses.


You’ll never run out of uses for these long arm disposable gloves. They are sure to become an indispensable item for your home as many other home necessities. Protecting your hands with plastic disposable gloves was already a good idea, because gloves can protect your hands from all sorts of things, including chemicals and cleaning agents. However, these gloves give you even more protection because they extend upwards to protect the lower portion of your arm.

These long arm gloves have a simple design, and they are roomy enough to fit most adult hands. They can also be worn on either hand, so there’s no need to fuss with a left or right glove. If you’re looking for long cleaning gloves, these are sure to be among the best disposable cleaning gloves you’ve ever worn. They are a great alternative to rubber gloves and useful for other things beyond household cleaning. For instance, you can use them meal preparation and serving, personal care giving, hair dyeing, house painting, bathing and pet care.
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