LivingSURE™ Step Ladder with Handles

Helps you balance for extra safety and support.


Step ladders are among the most convenient household accessories to have around, especially when you need to reach higher shelves or change a lightbulb in a ceiling lamp. They have so many uses, but while some ladders do not include features that can help prevent falls, this ladder with handrails is different.

The LivingSURE™ Step Ladder with Handles makes it easy to find a ladder that’s both convenient and safer to use. With this ladder, you have a choice of a 2-step or 3-step style – just choose which style you prefer. Both step ladder styles include a sturdy grip handle on each side, and both fold flat for easy transport or storage.

In addition, these ladders have a grab bar at the top, making it easier to stabilize your balance at any time. Similar to the folding four-step ladder with handrails by LivingSURE, these two alternative ladder sizes also feature slip-resistant steps and padded feet. The LivingSURE 4-Step Safety Ladder is also available at Easy Comforts.
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