LivingSURE™ Sherpa Wheelchair Armrest Covers with Pouch


Avoid the discomfort and friction that can come from the hard surfaces of standard wheelchair arms with this cleverly designed Sherpa Padded Wheelchair Armrest Cover Set. The tops of these armrest covers are covered in sherpa, a soft fleece that creates a warm, plush surface for resting the arms. This material also maintains its fluffy structure, regardless of how often it’s used.

Both of the armrest covers in this set are constructed of durable polyester material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, if necessary. They are also machine washable. The padded armrest covers are kept firmly in place by adjustable hook-and-loop closures, making it easy to get a good fit for each wheelchair arm.

In addition to the soft comfort of the sherpa, each armrest also provides a convenient on-the-go wheelchair armrest pouch. One side of each armrest features a large, mesh pouch with a zippered closure. This pouch is handy for carrying all sorts of items that require an enclosed pocket. The reverse side of each armrest includes two roomy open pockets, which are perfect for keeping cell phones and various items within easy reach. Each padded armrest cover measures 4-1/4" wide x 10-1/4" long. Set of two chair arm covers. 100% polyester; machine washable.
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