LivingSURE™ Magnetic Compression Knee Sleeves

Stop knee pain from getting in your way.


Knee compression sleeves are often recommended as a wearable tool for alleviating various types of knee pain. You can go one step further by opting for an advanced type of magnetic knee sleeve like these. What makes them better than standard compression knee sleeves? These magnetic knee sleeves utilize the power of magnet therapy for knee pain and inflammation. In fact, this specially designed magnetic sleeve uses 16 powerful 400-gauss neodymium knee magnets. These are rare earth magnets that help this knee support sleeve tap into the body’s own natural healing process. But that’s not all: The magnets are strategically placed at certain acupressure points to bring you a maximum amount of relief.

Each magnetic knee support sleeve is also as comfortable as it is effective. Crafted using 3D knitting technology, the sleeves are expertly crafted of breathable compression fabric and enhanced with soft, comfortable elastic. Sleeves remain in place thanks to anti-slip gel strips. The magnetic knee brace has a unisex design. One size fits most; two included per set.
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