LivingSURE™ Infrared Heated Ankle Support

Relieve ankle and foot pain with this comfortable infrared ankle wrap


Suffering from foot or ankle discomfort, pain or swelling? This heated ankle wrap is an ingenious way to bring targeted relief to those areas. Specially designed heat pads for ankles can be easier to apply and more effective than other methods, such as wrapping the ankle with a heated towel or holding a standard heating pad on the affected area. A heat pad for ankles can also be easier to use and less messy than a foot soak.

This advanced ankle heating pad with its convenient wrap design can be used on both the left and right foot, and it doesn’t require electricity or batteries. The wrap’s built-in infrared technology produces soothing warmth that radiates throughout the ankle. Mild compression helps it deliver penetrating warmth to muscles, tendons and joints, while helping to alleviate any inflammation or swelling.

The dual-adjustable touch closure system of this ankle heat wrap allows for a comfortable, customized fit. One size fits an ankle circumference of up to 10".
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