LivingSURE™ Folding Four Step Ladder with Handrails

The ultimate in ladder security.


Put safety front and center with this folding four-step ladder with handrails by LivingSURE™. This household utility ladder offers superior construction and a modern tubular design that makes it light enough to move from one area to the next. Four durable steps are not too close and not too far apart, but spaced just right to make the distance between steps predictable when going up or down. Plus, steps are covered with non-slip treads to ensure your feet stay firmly planted at all times. However, what puts this ladder in top position over all others is the built-in duo handrails.

Whether you are going up or down, this step ladder with a handrail on the right and left side can easily be gripped with one or both hands. Both handrails also have an easy-to-grip feature for enhanced comfort and security. Now when it’s time to hang some curtains, grab an item from a high shelf or change a ceiling lightbulb, you have a way to do these household tasks while remaining safe. This safety ladder with handrails easily folds for storage.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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