LivingSURE™ Extra Thick Foam Cushion - Large

Relieve pressure on your spine, lower back and buttocks.


Foam cushions are an easy solution to an age-old problem of what to do when you want a softer seat to sit on. This foam cushion goes one giant step further than simply providing cushiony softness underneath: It’s also an easy riser cushion, and that means that you can use it to help you rise up out of a chair or car seat. If you are always searching for seat cushions suitable for multiple types of seats, this large Easy Rise Cushion from LivingSURE™ is definitely one that’s worth adding to your personal seat cushion collection.

Because it is an extra-thick foam cushion, you are getting a nice boost of several inches just by placing it on a chair. It has just enough firmness to allow for good support without compromising its overall level of comfort. Plus, this thick cushion offers a choice of two different cushion seats; you can enjoy the cozy warmth of plush fleece on one side, or the regular Easy Rise Cushion made from breathable polyester on the reverse side.
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