LivingSURE™ Emergency Lanterns, Set of 2,

Light where you need it.


Always have access to a source of lighting indoors and outdoors with this set of 2 emergency lanterns by LivingSURE™. The sleek, modern design of these lanterns makes them an attractive lighting source to use when the power goes out at home. Instead of being stuck in pitch darkness, you can light up an area with the power of 30 ultra-bright LED lights positioned to provide 360 degrees of illumination. And because they run on batteries, there’s no need for electricity – simply grab the lantern by its built-in handle and go. This feature makes these lanterns the ideal lighting source for nighttime driving, camping, hiking or kayaking trips, backyard BBQs, basements, closets and other areas that need portable illumination. The handy compass on top can provide directional information when needed.

These lanterns also have another feature that makes them stand out: adjustable brightness. This design includes the ability to dim the brightness of the lights by turning the dimmer dial left or right. This means you can get the most mileage out of its 100,000 hours of LED illumination.

Each emergency light and requires 3 D batteries (not included). Set of 2 plastic lanterns, each measuring 5"W x 9 1/4"H.
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