LivingSURE™ 7 in 1 Hot and Cold Magnetic Therapy Wrap

Soothe pain fast with hot and cold magnetic therapy.


Target more areas for magnetic therapy pain relief with the multipurpose 7-in-1 Hot and Cold Magnetic Therapy Wrap. Hot and cold therapy is a proven method for reducing pain symptoms in muscles and joints, but the key to success is ensuring the wrap targets the painful area with maximum heat or cold. With this magnetized wrap, you can easily do that thanks to its universal use design. The pack has an ergonomic design that can be wrapped around the elbow, neck, shoulder, lower back, upper back, foot or ankle. In addition to a removable, reusable gel pack, therapeutic relief is delivered by 16 magnets.

Crafted of flexible neoprene and stretch nylon, the pack is easy to apply and secure with the help of two adjustable hook-and-loop straps. Before application, you can place the wrap in the freezer for cold therapy or in the microwave for heat therapy. Get relief from new injuries by applying a cold pack to the area up to three times daily. For general relief, alternate hot and cold therapy.
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