Lightweight Silicone Triangle Breast Form, 1 Form

Ideal for restoring pre-mastectomy confidence in younger women.


Lightweight triangle silicone breast form is ideal for restoring pre-mastectomy confidence in younger women with more firm pectoral muscles. The breast mold's triangle shape suits contemporary surgical techniques where less tissue is removed, filling in tissue on both sides and on the top to match a woman's natural contours. Triangle silicone breast form is approx. 20–25% lighter than standard silicone. Crafted of high-quality silicone. Molds to the chest wall for a secure fit. Provides balance to help prevent physical problems such as shoulder drop. Designed for the right or left side. Features a nipple for a natural look, a subtle concave back and a cotton cover. Form is waterproof but should not be worn in a hot tub; cover is not waterproof. Choose from 6 sizes to duplicate the natural weight of breast tissue removed: size 4 (100 grams), 5 (125 grams), 6 (160 grams), 7 (200 grams), 8 (235 grams), 9 (260 grams).
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