Lighted Stand Magnifier 3X

Easily read print and perform other tasks with this simple-to-use stand page magnifier with light.



The Lighted Stand Magnifier 3X is an exceptional tool that brings together the functionality of a magnifying glass with light and stand, enhancing visibility for detailed tasks. This well-designed device caters to anyone who needs a closer look at fine print, intricate hobbies or crafts.

This stand magnifier boasts a large, crystal-clear lens providing three times the magnification without distortion, allowing users to see every detail effortlessly. The integrated lighting feature casts bright illumination directly onto your work area eliminating shadows ensuring accuracy precision even under less-than-ideal lighting conditions!

An added convenience is its sturdy hands-free design; once positioned desired height angle, it stays put freeing up both of your hands engage in whatever task lies before you – be it reading sewing electronics repair much more! Its lightweight yet durable construction makes this lighted magnifier on a stand easy move around while maintaining its balance stability use after use indeed making perfect addition home, office or workshop alike!

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