Lighted Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Quickly trim nose and ear hair safely.


Safely trim unsightly hairs. This compact Lighted Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer provides pain-free trimming of nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows with dual-action blades that don't pull or tug. The lighted tip of this nose and ear trimmer allows pinpoint precision. Impact-resistant plastic features on/off switch. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included. 6 1/4"L.

1. Turn the groomer ON.
2. Insert groomer’s cutting tip gently into the nostril or ear.
3. Rotate the groomer in a circular motion around the opening of the nostril or ear, gently moving it in and out as you rotate.

WARNING! Be sure the product is turned on BEFORE it makes contact with ear or nose hair.
Do not insert the device more than 1/4” into your nose or ear.

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