Lighted Freestanding Magnifying Screen

Helps you see while leaving hands free.


Are you struggling to read small print? This lighted freestanding screen magnifier can help make reading a lot easier. The ingenious design of this modern screen magnifier provides a completely hands-free reading experience. There is no need to hold onto a magnifying glass because the magnifier is permanently embedded into the frame of the screen. The magnifier is attached to a durable base for stability.

Unlike handheld magnifiers, this screen magnifier features a screen that provides a wider viewing area. In addition to making it easier to read books, magazines and labels, it can also be useful for getting a better look at small items.

For example, you can use the magnifier for various crafts, such as those that involve needlework. Need to sew a button onto a garment? This magnifier makes threading a needle easier. It also makes for a convenient phone screen magnifier. The 360-degree rotating screen makes it even more versatile.

This screen magnifier includes an LED light that requires four AA batteries (not included). The magnifier screen is 7-3/4" x 5-3/4" and the base is 6" high x 4 1/2" in diameter. It’s made of durable plastic and PVC and can be easily wiped clean.
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