Large Print Word Search Puzzles

Your search for word search puzzles you can SEE without struggling ends here.


Your search for word search puzzles you can SEE without struggling ends here! Tough on your brain, but easy on your eyes, Large Print Word Search Puzzles is designed in large print—and those big, oversized letters and jumbo word lists mean you won't have to squint or strain to enjoy the challenge. And there's more that sets author Mark Danna's large print word search puzzles apart. Instead of enticing you with hidden words in a jumble of letters forming ordinary squares or rectangles, these large print word search grids form creative picture outlines directly related to each puzzle's theme. You'll find a grid shaped like a charging bull in a puzzle about the stock market, with many more unique surprises throughout, adding to the fun. Packed with a variety of challenges that won't exhaust your eyes, this word search book makes it easy to relax, unwind and sharpen your verbal skills, keeping your brain active and fit! Spiral binding allows the word search puzzle book to lay flat for easy use, at home or on the go. Softcover, 288 pages. 8" x 10".
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