Instant Smile™ Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit

Replace a missing tooth in less than five minutes.


The Instant Smile Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit offers a do-it-yourself alternative for tooth repair. This kit contains a supply of nine temporary teeth in various sizes and color hues, stainless steel trimming scissors and other accessories. Pre-molded teeth are designed to maintain their color and shape during use, and there is no need for molding. Simply choose a tooth and cut to a shape that closely matches your natural teeth. Follow included instructions for placement. Replacement of teeth for dentures or natural missing teeth usually takes less than five minutes per tooth.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.

1. Select and Cut: Hold the tab of 3 teeth of your selected shade up to the spot of your missing or broken tooth. With the scissors, trim the desired tooth to fit into the gap. Once you have the new tooth the shape that you want, cut it from the tab.
2. Apply Fitting Material: Pour half of the package of white thermal fitting beads into a cup of boiling water. Once the beads turn clear (approximately 30 seconds), remove them with a metal spoon. Stick them onto the back of the plastic tooth. (Don't let the fitting material stick to the front of the plastic tooth).
3. Put In Place: Gently ease the temporary tooth into the place of your missing tooth. Gently pat the fitting material up and behind your adjacent teeth. Wait 3 minutes for the material to cool and harden and it should stay securely in place. If you're not happy with the fit, you can simply remold the tooth in hot water again.
4. Removing the Temporary Tooth: *Water needs to be over 130 degrees to soften the thermal fitting beads. Pour some boiling water onto a hand towel. Being careful not to burn your fingers, pinch the heated portion of the towel around our temporary tooth and the fitting material behind the adjacent teeth. This heat will soften the fitting material. Re-apply boiling water to the hand towel and keep pressing the hot towel to the fitting material. Be patient, this may take 3-5 minutes to soften the fitting material. Then use your fingernail to peel the fitting material from behind the teeth and wiggle out the temporary tooth.

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