HomeTrack Home Gym

Why not bring the gym to your home.


Keep muscles and joints toned and healthy with the HomeTrack Home Gym. This sleek all-in-one unit allows you to get a full body low-impact workout from a comfortable seated position. This unit gives you an easy way to exercise to improve balance, circulation, overall strength and mobility. It makes a convenient senior gym for those who cannot do sustained exercises while standing up. At the top are two pedal handles with cushioned padding for comfort. These handles, with adjustable resistance are useful for working out and toning the arms. Alternatively, you can also work out the arms using the two resistance bands attached at the base. These are great for mild muscle toning using a pulling motion. At the bottom are two roomy foot pedals with tri-directional movement for working out feet, ankles, knees and leg muscles. Made of sturdy steel construction, the gym can be used anywhere in the home. The nonslip base keeps it securely in place during use. No express shipping.
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