Heavy Duty Walker with Wheels

Heavy duty walker with wheels combines lightweight ease with dependable strength.


Take the burden off your delicate knee and foot joints with the help of this walker with two large front wheels. Made from durable aluminum, the frame is designed large enough to support your weight as you lean on it and push forward. Walkers with wheels are ideal for those with weakened upper body strength or prefer a walker that glides across the floor easily.

The side frames include easy-grip ergonomic handles that keep hands steady as you move forward. The front of the walker features high cross braces that help you achieve a full stride with every push. This allows you to cover more ground quicker than with standard walkers. Additionally, this walker feels lightweight, and is classified as a bariatric walker, meaning it is great at maneuvering through narrow spaces.

You can adjust this walker on wheels to accommodate heights ranging from 5’2” to 6’4” high. When you’re done using it, simply push a button and it automatically folds to 5 1/2" in diameter for easy storage or transport.
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