Happy Straps - Set Of 4

Improve the look of your sleeveless tops and keep straps from slipping into view.


Never worry that your bra is showing when using Happy Straps. These bra strap connector aids are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your bra straps hidden from view, ensuring you look stylish from all angles. Crafted from stretchy fabric that rivals the comfort of your bra straps, Happy Straps can easily attach to any bra using their convenient plastic hooks. Once in place, the bra strap holder securely pulls your bra straps inward, bringing them closer together. This simple solution prevents comfort bra straps from peeking out from underneath your tops and dresses. With Happy Straps, you can effortlessly wear a variety of fashionable looks without the hassle of visible bra straps stealing the spotlight.

Available in an assortment of colors including white, black, clear and beige, these bra strap covers are versatile and blend seamlessly with any bra or outfit. Each set includes four shoulder bra strap holder attachments, one of each color, giving you the flexibility to mix and match as you please. Upgrade your wardrobe with Happy Straps and enjoy the freedom of wearing tops without the worry of bra straps showing. Choose Small/Medium or Large/XL. Imported.
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