Handmaster™ Plus Hand Strength & Rehabilitation

Allows you to strengthen and rehabilitate each hand by squeezing and releasing.



Introducing our Handmaster Plus! This isn't just any fitness accessory; it's your partner in enhancing grip strength and rehabilitation. Made from durable materials, this grip strengthener promises longevity and effectiveness. Our product is designed with versatility in mind - whether you're an athlete wanting to boost performance or someone recovering from a hand injury, our Handmaster Plus has got you covered! It offers comprehensive workout for all muscle groups involved in gripping, flexing and opening the hands. But wait, there’s more: Our design allows adjustable tension levels that cater to various user needs and because we believe personalization matters! To wrap up: If efficiency joined forces with flexibility – their offspring would be our Handmaster Plus Strength Rehabilitator! It's not merely equipment; it boosts your journey towards better hand health—a trusted ally during recovery or training sessions.

Perfect for anyone with arthritis, musicians, crafters and more. Targets all 18 muscles in each hand. Includes 1 soft ball and 1 medium ball. Features 4 bands of increasing resistance. Instructions included.

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