Full Length Body Massage Mat with Heat

Relax, restore and rejuvenate.


This innovative heating and massage pad can be a game changer for your physical well-being. It has long been known that applying heat to muscles that are sore, painful or full of tension can bring quick relief. Massaging those same muscles also brings relief from built-up tension. When you combine both of these healing methods in a whole-body massage mattress, you enjoy a powerful body rejuvenating experience.

This full-body massager pad has nine vibrating motors that produce seven vibration modes when you use the included controller. You can choose gentle to high-level stimulation at the press of a button. Additionally, the controller also has settings for activating heat, and targeting specific areas such as the shoulders, lumbar and legs.

The heated massage mat can be used while relaxing in your favorite chair or recliner, lounging on the couch or floor or lying in bed. The cushioned mat can even be used in the car. Operation of the mat requires input voltage 110–240V: 50Hz/60H, output 12V 1A and rated power 18W.

Place massage mat on chair, bed or floor and plug unit intopower source.

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