Fresh Drop™ Bathroom Odor Preventor

Blocks and neutralizes 98% of odors instantly.


Put an end to those unpleasant odors that are inevitable when someone uses the bathroom toilet with Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor. Once you have this handy little bottle around, there’s no need for turning the fan on, spraying strong air fresheners or avoiding the bathroom altogether for extended periods – waiting patiently for bad odors to fade. This small bottle contains 0.67 fluid ounces of a powerful odor-blocking solution that smells like fresh pine. Its aroma quickly disappears once it gets to work neutralizing unpleasant odors, almost instantly. Within minutes, the room smells normal again and all it takes is a couple drops.Due to its small size, this odor preventor can easily be used outside the home because it travels well inside of a pocket, handbag or backpack. Bring it along for fast odor neutralizing anywhere there’s a toilet. It can be used at work, at sporting events, while out shopping or eating out at restaurants. Fresh Drop is safe to use in all toilets.
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