Foot File with Replaceable Pads

File away dry, calloused skin to reveal fabulous feet.


Give your feet the TLC they deserve with this easy to use Foot File with Replaceable Pads. Smooth away callouses and rough spots with this pedicure file, leaving your feet soft and beautiful. The professional foot file has a shaped handle for comfort. Foot sander pads are replaceable and peel off for easy switching. This foot file comes with 2 coarse pads and 2 extra-coarse pads. Additional refill foot scrapper pads available.

1. Making sure your feet are cleaned and dry, begin by using the ‘X-coarse’ side of the file with a back and for the motion across the soles of the feet, at a medium pressure.
2. Once the soles are evenly buffed on both feet, use the ‘coarse’ side of the file in a sweeping motion towards the center of the foot, at a light pressure.
3. When your feet feel perfectly smooth, finish by massaging in a nourishing cream.
4. To maintain the results, use the x coarse/coarse speedy pads on a weekly basis.

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