Fold-N-Go Walker-Micro™

This compact version of our popular Fold-N-Go Walker™ is a great fit for shorter people.


Be independent and go wherever you want with this smaller-sized version of our popular Fold-N-Go Walker™ designed for those with an active lifestyle. The Fold-N-Go Walker-Micro™ has the same practical features that makes the larger walker a favorite of many. The main difference is that this micro Fold-N-Go is designed for people who have shorter stature. The compact frame is made from lightweight aluminum, giving you excellent overall support as you stroll along, while reducing bulkiness. The fact that it is portable makes it a go-to walker to bring along for everything from running errands to doctor visits to fun vacations.

In its unfolded position, this sleek-looking walker features two large swivel wheels at the front. As you push forward, the wheels help keep your momentum going, and they are able to easily handle curbs and a variety of surfaces. The back legs have sliders that glide along with your steps. Handles feature comfort-grip padding, and organizing compartments make it an all-around great choice for various outings.
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