Foam Breast Form

Be more comfortable in a bra.


Some people call them foam breast forms while others call them breast falsies. Whatever you choose to call them, breast forms are essential for some women and practical for every woman to have around. If you are looking for realistic looking but inexpensive foam breast forms, our triangle breast forms are designed to fit the natural contours of a woman’s body. Also, if you’re in need of a foam breast form for post-surgery use, these are an excellent choice as mastectomy bra inserts.

The lower portion of the form provides ample coverage and a natural-looking shape, and the discreet top portion makes it ideal for wearing with your favorite comfort bras. A foam breast form like this one can also provide comfortable padded protection for a bathing suit top, creating an elegant, uniform silhouette when you’re at the pool or the seaside. Because these lightweight poly breast forms are so form fitting, there’s no need to fuss around with tape to secure them. Simply insert one into a bra cup or halter top and go! Sizes available range from 4-8 (please consult the size chart for the best fit). Please note that these affordable breast forms are sold individually.
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