Eyeglass Chain

Holds your glasses like a necklace.


Hunting around the house for temporarily lost eyeglasses is a big time waster, and it can also be frustrating. An Eyeglass Chain with clips at both ends is a great way to ensure you never have to worry about misplacing them again. We make it easy to get this must-have eyeglasses accessory online, saving you a trip to the local store to find eyeglass chains near me.

Most likely, those stores wouldn’t have such fashionable options such as this beautiful pearl beaded eyeglass chain with gold tone beads. This popular chain style looks similar to a classic pearl necklace, and it adds beauty to many outfits. But you also may want a second option for variety, and we give that to you with the gold-tone herringbone chain style. Herringbone chains are also classic and complement many outfits.

Both chains come with secure-grip clips that attach to the ends of eyeglass arms. Pearl chain is 26 inches long. Herringbone chain is 25 1/2 inches long.
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