Extra Wide Folding Step Stool with Handle

Reach high places, while keeping your balance.


Our Extra Wide Step Stool with a Handle is an essential home accessory for the elderly and anyone else who wants to enjoy extra security while using a stool. Unlike many standard size step stools, this one is purposely designed to give you more surface space on the actual step. A wider surface area means that you can easily place both feet firmly on the non-slip step, stand straight and look upwards without feeling like you’re at risk for toppling over. But our extra wide folding step stool goes even further by including a strong safety handle attached to a durable metal rail. The addition of this features means that safety is always a top priority when using this utility stool.

Designed for practical everyday use, it can be used as a general, around the house stool, a kitchen stool, or even a medical step stool with a comfortable grip handle. When not in use, this foldable step stool folds quickly for storage. The stool holds up to 600 pounds and weighs 105 pounds. Express shipping is not available for this item.
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