Extra Thick Swivel Seat Cushion

Get in and out of seats with ease.


Looking for a swivel seat cushion that gives you an extra boost? You’ve found it! This easy up seat cushion provides more padding than other extra thick car or chair seat cushions do. In fact, it gives you a whopping 4-inch height lift from the base of the seat. That’s quite a bit when you consider what a difference a few extra inches can make for visibility. But it does more than boost you up; it’s also a rotating seat pad that makes it easier to swivel left or right without having to move your entire body too much.

These convenient features make it a great choice for indoor seating or traveling. For instance, you can make it a swivel seat for a car or larger vehicle. For drivers, the extra inches can improve driving comfort and safety. Alternatively, you can use it as a rattan or dining chair cushion. However, you choose to use it, this swivel cushion comes with a removable plaid cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine.
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