Epsom-It® Ultra Relief Epsom Salt Lotion with CBD

Relieve muscle pain and nerve pain fast.


Enjoy all of the benefits of Epsom salt cream without having to get your hands or fingers messy. Epsom-It® is a proven Epsom salt lotion that offers an easy and convenient way to apply soothing pain relief to any area of the body. For generations, Epsom salt has been among the most popular home remedies for neuropathy, nerve pain in feet, and other common aches and muscle pains. However, thanks to modern formulations, there’s no need to draw a bath for a soak. Instead, you can reach for this high-quality lotion with Epsom salt that’s also enhanced with CBD. This provides you with two powerful pain-relief ingredients combined into a single formulation for maximum healing power.

Epsom-It also contains other pain-reducing ingredients, such as natural arnica, aloe vera and capsaicin. As a highly concentrated formula, the lotion can be used to target only those areas that require immediate relief. The roll-on applicator and compact size make it easy to apply Epsom salt for nerve pain and muscle pain anywhere you go.
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