Easy Turn Outdoor Faucet Grip

Transform a small, hard-to-turn grip into a firm, oversize grip.


Turning a hose bibb on an outdoor water spigot can be a frustrating and painful experience due to hand cramping. Whether you are dealing with a standard spigot, or an outside water shut off valve, this oval or round-shaped outdoor faucet gripper offers an ingenious solution. This ergonomically designed outdoor water faucet handle is purposely oversized to create an easier faucet grip. Anyone who has difficulty with those hard-to-turn bibb handles can appreciate this easy tool. Those who struggle with ailments such as arthritis and those who have dexterity issues can also use this tool to make turning the faucet on and off easier.

The textured surface enhances your ability to grip and turn. It also features a lattice-style pattern in the midsection. These holes are for customizing the outdoor faucet gripper handle’s placement over the hose bibb handle. To attach the faucet grip handle, follow the simple instructions and use the included hardware for easy installation.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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