Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth™

Makes unncecessary straining and stretching a thing of the past.



Say hello to our Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth. This isn't just another bath accessory; it's your partner in maintaining personal hygiene! Made from high-quality materials, this body washcloth offers both durability and comfort. Our washcloth is designed with a unique length that allows you to easily reach those hard-to-get areas - making every shower more refreshing than the last! Plus, its gentle yet effective texture ensures thorough cleansing without causing any skin irritation. But there’s more: Our design features a convenient loop at each end for easy handling and hanging after use – because we value convenience! In conclusion: If effectiveness tied the knot with ease-of-use – their offspring would be our Easy Reach Back and Body Washcloth! It’s not merely an accessory; it's your aid in achieving clean comfort—a companion during invigorating showers. There’s no need for awkward bending or twisting. This washcloth is a great choice for those with limited dexterity or mobility. 44"L x 8 1/2"W.

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