Drew® Buttercup Women's Mary Jane Shoe

The perfect shoe for functional style and sophisticated comfort.


When you must wear orthopedic shoes, the Drew® Women’s Mary Jane Shoe is the best choice for Mary Janes with all-day comfort. We are pleased to offer the same, popular Drew shoes featured on their official website. Get them now and enjoy our convenient shipping. Designed for your everyday on-the-go lifestyle and made especially for the woman who adores wearing Mary Jane shoes, this popular orthopedic shoe style has a lot going for it. First and foremost, it is a solidly constructed woman’s shoe with modern design featuring soft, flexible uppers. Slip them on and feel the shoes gently stretch to fit the shape of your feet.

Instead of buckles, these shoes have adjustable Velcro brand straps that include a convenient extender for extra length. There are also adjustable heel straps for further customization. You have the option of leaving the inserts in or removing them. Leave them in to enjoy an extra layer of cushiony comfort. When ordering these orthopedic Mary Jane shoes, be sure to specify your preferred size, color and width. A5500 coded.
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