Dr. Laura Berman® Dilator Set

Designed to strengthen pelvic muscles and provide pleasure.


The Dr. Laura Berman® Dilator Set is getting rave reviews for its ability to provide a recommended therapeutic solution in a highly pleasurable way. Berman dilators stand out among other vaginal dilators for their excellent design and their ability to deliver vibration. Most dilator sets are manually operated, so if you want an enhanced experience as you go through the exercises necessary to achieve greater vaginal comfort, this is the set to get.

This dilator set from Doctor Laura Berman comes with four different interlocking dilator sleeve sizes, and each one is effective for relieving vaginal discomfort. Start with the smallest and move up to larger sizes as your level of comfort grows. Select the sleeve size you desire, insert it into the easy-grip handle and you’re ready to go!

When you want to elevate your dilation into the pleasure zone, simply twist the bottom section of the handle to your desired vibration speed. Berman dilators are especially helpful with vaginal discomfort due to surgery or radiation therapy treatment. A soft universal sleeve is included for added protection. Requires two AA batteries for operation (batteries not included).

This item is non-returnable.
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