Diabetic Nylon Ankle Hose - 5 Pairs

Ankle hose with reinforced toes are ideal for those with diabetes, swelling or poor circulation.


Are you looking for a quality alternative to standard ankle hose that’s suitable for those living with diabetes? These diabetic ankle hose for women offer the kind of support you need in the length you want. Made from 100% nylon, these ankle hose socks are stylish enough to wear with any style of pants in your wardrobe. Like our other diabetic socks, these nylon socks are constructed for superior fit and comfort. These hose socks are knitted to be wider than the standard hose styles. This puts less stress on your feet and ankles while the soft, breathable material allows air to flow through, helping to keep your feet feeling cooler.

With every step, these diabetic socks for women provide gentle, light support (8 mmHg) to help give feet with poor circulation a boost while helping to keep swelling in check. These attractive women’s diabetic dress socks are reinforced at the toe and top. The ankle hose socks fit women’s shoe sizes 8 1/2-11.
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