Diabetic Knee High Sheer Hose

Reinforced toes are ideal for those with diabetes, swelling or poor circulation.


When you want to wear diabetic knee-high socks that are lighter in feel than some other knee highs made for diabetics, these diabetic socks offer a sheer, lightweight alternative. Made from 100% nylon, they offer the same familiar style that you find in regular nylon knee highs. The main difference, of course, is that they are thicker due to the need for a standard level of 8 mmHg compression. When wearing these sheer knee-high stockings, please be aware that they are designed for those looking for the mildest level of support hose in this style.

Choose these knee-high socks if you want a sheer style that comes with reinforced toes and a slightly wider overall width that makes them easier to put on. Once they are securely on, they offer a more comfortable fit thanks to non-binding construction. The soft, breathable nylon material of these knee-high diabetic socks offer continuous comfort while gently stimulating the feet and calves for improved circulation. One set includes five pairs of diabetic knee socks.
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