Denta Picks™ Plastic Toothpicks - Set Of 300

A great addition to your regular hygiene.


Are you looking for the best dental picks for teeth? Denta Picks™ are the modern solution for those who want an easy way to keep up with their daily dental hygiene. For many years, toothpicks made of wood were the way that most people picked food particles out of the teeth. However, with the invention of the plastic toothpick, many people found out that using plastic toothpicks for food stuck in their teeth has some distinct advantages – especially plastic toothpicks that offer an extra level of oral hygiene benefits.

With Denta Picks, you get a slightly flexible toothpick that is easier to maneuver inside of the mouth. You can use it to access those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that can prove to be difficult to get to at awkward angles. In addition to being made of sturdy plastic, these plastic dental picks feature a pointed pick at one end and a brush head at the other end. You can use the brush end to remove plaque buildup, which is an added plus for maintaining good oral hygiene. Each package includes 300 Denta Picks.
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