Cushion Grip® Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

Creates suction to keep dentures in place securely.


Restore confidence in wearing dentures with this thermoplastic denture adhesive in a tube. Cushion Grip for dentures is a simple solution for preventing looseness associated with dental slippage. The secret to its strength is its proprietary polymer grip created with an exclusive formula that is capable of achieving an iron-clad hold that can last for a period of up to four days. Results may vary. This 100% waterproof adhesive creates a comfortable bond between dentures and gum for hours of carefree wear. Simply apply the denture glue to dentures and position dentures in place. It immediately molds into shape to create a strong suction and seal.Cushion Grip denture adhesive can be applied to upper and lower plates, and even partials. Before using, the tube of adhesive should sit in hot water for easier application. With its 4x stronger hold, one can eat normally and enjoy conversations more naturally. Using this product with additional adhesives is not recommended. One tube contains 1 ounce of adhesive.
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