Curad® QuickStop Bandages Assorted Sizes, 30 Count

Stops blood loss quickly and prevents recurrent bleeding.


With this assorted pack, you’ll have the right size bandage on hand to stop bleeding fast. Trust the bleeding control technology in these Curad® bandages to stop blood loss quickly and help prevent recurrent bleeding — especially important for anyone with aging, delicate skin or those on blood thinners. The difference is in the naturally derived coagulant, which forms a soft gel-like layer when it comes in contact with fluid, sealing the wound to stop bleeding and reduce the risk of reopening. Assorted sizes for minor cuts, scrapes and wounds. Flexible fabric provides gentle pressure. Non-adherent layer won’t stick to wounds. Essential care for older, thinning skin. Sterile, latex-free bandages are a time-saver for caregivers. Includes 15 size .75” x 2.83” and 15 size .35” x 1.5”.
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