Cotton 6 Piece Bath Towel Set

Superabsorbent towels dry quickly!


If you’re looking for high-quality cotton bath towel sets that give you everything that those luxurious Egyptian cotton bath towel sets offer, take a look at this six-piece set. Our cotton towel set looks every bit as luxurious as those others, but only ours offer you the maximum level of affordable luxury without the high price tag. When you get these towels home and see and feel how plush they are, you’re going to be happy that you ordered them from Easy Comforts. These soft towels are made with pure cotton, and the more you wash these amazing towels, the softer and cozier they become!

The construction is also top-notch. The zero-twist fibers feature long, plush loops, and together they make for a superabsorbent towel that feels oh-so-soft next to your skin. These towels are ideal for babies, kids and adults, and they also make great guest towels for visitors. Our 100% cotton bath towel sets are available in a variety of fashion colors. The six-piece towel set includes two oversized bath towels (30" x 54"), two hand towels (16" x 28") and two wash cloths (13" square). You can machine wash and tumble dry this bath towel set for easy maintenance.
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