Copper+ Neck Gaiters Set of 2

Enjoy the freedom of face coverage whenever you please.


Enjoy the freedom of face coverage whenever you please with this elegant Copper+ Neck Gaiter. What sets this style of neck gaiter apart from those made of standard fabric is its infused copper lining with an ability to resist odors and bacteria. Copper is a natural odor repellent and it gives this mask an extra boost of hidden protection that can come in handy in certain environments. It also serves the dual purpose of keeping the neck area warm and cozy on chilly days, and it offers quick and convenient facial coverage at a moment’s notice.;Neck gaiters are exploding in popularity, and this copper neck gaiter provides the wearer with a sophisticated look when going out and about around town. Made of soft fabric, this gaiter feels good next to the skin. Simply raise it up to cover the nose and lower portion of the face when there is an immediate need to wear a face covering. One size fits most. Set of two gaiters.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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