Copper Compression Socks by Silver Steps™, 1 Pair

Stimulate circulation in your legs and feet.


Stimulate circulation in your legs and feet with this pair of copper compression socks. Crafted with a quality blend of bamboo charcoal, copper and elastane, copper sock are excellent s for arthritis sufferers. The knee-high sock design produces 16 to 17 mmHg compression support for relieving foot and leg discomfort due to arthritis, swelling or varicose veins. Socks also help keep unwanted odor-causing bacteria at bay thanks to copper’s antimicrobial properties. Available for men or women. 70% bamboo charcoal fiber/20% copper/10% elastane. Machine wash gentle cold; dry flat. Women's fit shoe sizes 5-8 1/2. Men's fit women's sizes 8 1/2-12, men's sizes 7-10 1/2. By Silver Steps™.
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