Cool Gel Memory Foam Donut Pillow

Keep cool comfort around every time you sit.


Sitting for long periods of time can lead to rear-end discomfort that is hard to avoid unless you choose to stand or move to another seat. For a variety of reasons, it may not be possible to change seats. So rather than putting up with the constant discomfort, you can use a foam donut gel cushion like this one.

With this product we’ve solved the ongoing question about where to buy a good quality donut pillow. This well-designed donut gel cushion combines two powerful materials into a single seat pillow. The main core is made from quality memory foam, and it features a top layer of cooling gel material. When seated on the cushion, the foam molds to your body while keeping its shape. The gel on top of the donut helps keep you from getting overheated.

Protecting this comfortable donut cushion is an attractive textured cover that can be removed, and machine washed on a gentle cycle. The cover includes a carry handle for easy portability. The foam donut cushion can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
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